Rent a Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X P90D

The fastest SUV in the world is now available for rental or charter.

Tesla Motors continues to take the auto industry by storm.  And we obtained their latest and greatest model just for you.  The P90D trim means that it has the longest range battery pack and dual high-performance motors.  With a 250+ mile range and on-board supercharger routing, this vehicle is a road trip dream.

30+ years of age preferred for rental.  Renters 25-29 still contact us and we will work with you.  Any age to charter.


  • Autopilot
  • Ludicrous speed mode
  • Self presenting doors
  • Free supercharger use
  • And the list goes on


Weekday (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu; 24 hours): $389

Weekend (Fri-Sun; 48 hours): $778

Week (7 consecutive days): $1899

Add Chauffeur Driver: +$90/hr


MSRP: $154,000

Body: SUV

Seats: 7

Engine: Dual Performance Motors, 762hp

Transmission: Automatic

0-60: 3.1 sec

Top Speed: 155 mph (limited)

Exterior: Pearl White

Interior: Ultra White